Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Face to Die For

So, it's Saturday night &I am utilizing all of the resources New York City has to offer me by laying on my couch and watch LMN.
I also ordered mozzarella sticks and may wonder to Union Pool at 2 AM, but that's a whole other blog and a whole other story.

So far I relate to Yasmine Bleeth's character who is a burn victim. I turned the movie on 10 minutes into it so I lost a crucial plot point but from where I picked up, she has a shitty boyfriend who wears a bandage on his face and tells her that if they rob her employer together he will love her and her deformed face forever.

Yasmine's, named Emily in said film, is employed by an old man who keeps a large safe. Emily's boyfriend convinces her that they will take all the money from the safe and then send the old man a check. The shitty boyfriend/husband shoots the old man, and Emily goes to prison for a crme she didn't commit!!

In the Big House Emily is tormented by everyone because hey she is deformed.

Note: She really doesn't even look that bad, she looks like Yasmine Bleeth with enlarged veins

Anyway, one day on the playground she gets the shit beat out of her which leads to her getting her already fucked face even more fucked. She's brought to the Prison Doctor who is vaguely hot in the Lifetime Rapist hot kind of way. He tells her he has a special surgery that he could do for her, it could be very risky though.

Skip to commercial break yadda yadda. Emily is brought to a mansion? where the surgery will be performed. The Doctor is wooing her and gives her new clothes in white wine and she is just all "golly gee me I am just the ugliest thing what did I ever to do to deserve such kindness?"

Well, Yasmine or "Emily" you were burned/scarred/mutilated as a child by your drug addict mother, you were tricked by your shitty bandage on his face boyfriend, and then you
went to jail for no reason....sooo I think it's fair to say that you deserve your luck to turn around.

And turn around it does...she awakes from the surgery and you will not believe it but, she has the face of Yasmine Bleeth.

Next on her list: VENGEANCE

I still have 45 minutes left to go.