Sunday, September 21, 2008

DJ Tanner-- just asking for it?

Now when Zach Morris raped DJ, I did feel bad for her. No one believed her and she just wanted to drink non-alcoholic punch and go to a costume party. As you have read previously, Zach Morriss completely betrayed her trust.

But now it's 1996 and DJ is playing the role of Stacy Collins, your above average popular high school girl. There's just one thing missing in her life (enter Fred Savage)

But don't fear. DJ is not raped this time. She is just beat up over the course of 5 months by Kevin Arnold. Don't let "The Wonder Years" fool you, this kid did not turn out right.

We all know that jealousy is kind of nice at first. When a dude gets jealous over you, you almost feel like you have the upper hand, and the upper hand is a coveted position. But when a nice little "I care bout ya" jealousy turns into "I am stalking you," maybe it's time to take a step back before you get back handed. As in previous roles, DJ gets it together in the end and she presses charges. Justice is served. Let this be a lesson to you my friends, sometimes people are not who they think you are. And watching abuse can be just as bad just like cutters will tell you their cat scratched them, girls getting hit will tell you they walked into walls, or garage doors closed on them.

bonus points: guest spot Judge played by Sallie Jessy Raphael

Sadly, there is no soundtrack available for purchase to go along with this film. I suggest listening to the album Live Through This because nothing makes you feel like you're getting the shit beat out of you quite like the voice of Courtney Love

Some people like to listen to Darkside of the Moon while watching The Wizard of Oz, but why don't you try this instead

Here is the track list:

Listen 1. Violet

Listen 2. Miss World

Listen 3. Plump

Listen 4. Asking For It

Listen 5. Jennifer's Body

Listen 6. Doll Parts

Listen 7. Credit In The Straight World

Listen 8. Softer, Softest

Listen 9. She Walks On Me

Listen10. I Think That I Would Die

Listen11. Gutless

Listen12. Rock Star

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