Friday, September 12, 2008

will you still have love for me?

For the Love of Nancy part 1 &2

Nancy is just your regular girl graduating high school. She's worried about going off to college, and like any normal girl, she treats this fear with a good old eating disorder. I feel you Nancy, sometimes I too would rather jog twenty miles and vomit than write a 10 page paper.
Nancy has a very supportive- could we say too controlling family? Her best bud is the rapist I mentioned earlier, Zach Morris. Zach, or Mark Paul Gosseling if you must, knows something is wrong with his little sister after she wont eat for three weeks after having her wisdom teeth removed. Why this would make anyone suspicious, I cannot say.

College plans are going full speed ahead, Nancy has swayed her way into a single dorm room. She explains to her mother that sharing is for pussies. That night at dinner, her mother informs her that she will in fact be rooming with a nice girl from Phileldehlphia. The panic sets in (cue music) and there is only with thing to do: Jog Nancy! Jog!

What does college have in store?

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