Friday, June 17, 2011

I Do (But I Don't)

"Do you want some pie?"
"Ya know, I do...but I don't"

Just kidding, guys. Unfortunately, I don't think there have been any made for TV movies about binge eating. Please correct me if I am wrong so I can watch too! Anyway, I just turned on this little gem starring Dean Cain & Denise Richards because they are taking too many damn sidebars during the Casey Anthony trial. Like I really have a whole day to spend watching some bug expert.
So, I turned this on about 10 minutes in. Oprah isn't on either because of some sport. I don't remember which.

Anyway, Denise Richards is so pretty. I always forget. There is something freakishly symmetrical about her face. Take a look at her face in case you forgot. So, Denise Richards meets the man of her dreams! She is divorcing a douche bag that was getting some pootang on the side and it must really suck to get a divorce when like Denise, you are a wedding planner. So the man of her dreams? Hunky firefighter that kind of looks like Superman. Don't we all want to marry Superman? I guess not, but Dean Cain doesn't age and I guess that's charming.

It turns out that Denise is planning Dean's wedding. I don't know their movie names, it's one of those experiences where there is not enough to help you pretend.

Dean is marrying a bitchy blond and the movie isn't over yet but my money is Dean leaves the blond fiance BUT only after he catches her having an affair or something like that. Even though the pig is totally already having an emotional affair with Denise Richards. They are totally chasing a dog named Snicker's around a wedding.

The music is cute though! You're so pretty, Denise.

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